Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Focus on Intermediary Support - Summer 2014 campaign

Over the summer I will be focusing my marketing campaign on working with existing and new professional introducers.

This is for a variety of reasons - obviously I love working with IFA's, accountants and other advisers and find helping their clients very rewarding. In addition I tend to find that my direct to client business falls over the summer months so getting my team of introducers to work on my behalf makes loads of sense.

I am going to be doing a three pronged campaign built around the following areas :

Linkedin - both contacting potential new prospects in my Linkedin groups but also using my own Linkedin introducer support group : IntroMed (www.linkedin.com/groups/IntroMed-4945586?home=&gid=4945586&trk=my_groups-tile-grp)   as a vehicle for discuss and enhancement of the service I provide.

Podcasts - I will be making the PMICast podcast more introducer focused over the summer starting with episode 49 (now available on iTunes, your preferred pod catcher and or streaming live from www.pmicast.podbean.com)

I've also been asked to guest on an industry podcast and hopefully one element of the interview will be to overview how I work with introducers.

Introducer mailing list - I have a list of several hundred introducer prospects and contact and mail over five or six weeks to them on relevant issues. Again over summer I will pick up the pace on these e-mails to give them support and client sourcing information to think about to develop mutually beneficial business.

If you're an adviser who would consider subcontracting your business to me on medical insurance please feel free to contact me on : pmicast@gmail.com and I will include you in the marketing campaign or we can simply chat over how I can be of assistance moving forwards.


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