Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Medical Indemnity Insurance

In addition to my work on private medical insurance (PMI) I also own another business supporting senior clinicians with their private medico legal practices. You can find out more about this at

As you might imagine there is a fair amount of cross fertilisation between the medico legal work and my PMI advisory business - many of my personal clients are senior doctors. When I'm marketing to doctors I end up with a third category of lead (PMI, medico legal plus ...) : medical indemnity insurance. In essence doctors often misread the information I end them and think that I'm trying to offer them a service looking at their private practice medical indemnity cover. For several months I just sent a stock e-mail saying I couldn't help them when a doctor asked me to review their indemnity cover rather than their medical insurance cover. Pretty soon I realised there was a business opportunity in this and I have partnered with a specialist adviser working exclusively in the Medical Indemnity space. I am also marketing to doctors specifically on medical indemnity cover via my Medico Legal business.

This marketing link that doctors should visit to obtain more information is :

More information on the success of this campaign and how it develops will follow on the blog but in less than a week I've already had three or four really good leads developed with a minimum of effort (about five minutes per day).

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