Friday, 6 June 2014

Follow me on Twitter

Had a flurry of new followers on my two main twitter accounts :

@localventure1 and @philknightpch

Just wanted to let you all now how I work Twitter.

The philknightpch account is my main business account and if you follow me here I will always (eventually) follow you back as a mutual business courtesy. 

The localventure version is my personal twitter account and I have a rule that I only follow a maximum of 30 people so that I have time to keep up with the comments, messages and general timeline.

I post business tweets on all my accounts (including localventure) but there is usually an additional level of content on localventure that you won't find anywhere else. So I'd suggest that you follow both if you're interested but unless I know you pretty well I won't follow back via the localventure twitter account.

Thanks and looking forward to interacting on Twitter.

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