Saturday, 7 June 2014

Blog update and comic review spectacular

Managed to get six (now seven with this post) blog posts up today. Been really busy and positive day. I also recorded and uploaded the 48th episode of my medical insurance podcast : PMICast, now available on iTunes or at

As a result of really getting back on with the social media side of things the blog has been phenomenally busy with over 200 visits so far today (and usually evenings are busier as the USA comes on line) so please keep visiting and telling your friends if you think my content will be of interest.

As I often do on weekend posts I am going to veer away from business related subjects and just recommend a couple of comic books you might want to read. Recently I've been more of a DC and Indie fan as opposed to the House of Ideas : Marvel but today I'd like to recommend a couple of marvel titles.

I've just starting read the new Original Sin main title (not the various cross overs god help me) and I reviewed the issue zero on the blog in April (click here to read the review). I've now read on to issue 2.

Now I haven't decided yet if I really like the story or am simply being taken in by the intrigue of the premise (i.e. killing the Watcher for some as yet undetermined purpose) but the art is good, characters nicely mixed and a bit out there and so far I am keeping on reading which must mean the book has something going for it. I'm worried that it may fizzle out in issue 5 or 6 (it's an 8 issue limited) but I'm about to download issue 3.

Moving on to the most recent Hulk issue 1 by Waid and Bagley - now I've never been a massive green Hulk fan and always found that there's not much to do with the character other than cycle Banner being in control then not over again. But I've enjoyed Waids work on other titles most notably his run on Fantastic Four with Mike Wieringo which in my opinion was the seminal work on the book, better even than my teenage hero John Byrne. I actually own a signed copy of Waid's FF#1 one of only 1961 (get it?) copies of the book so signed (with authenticity certificate no less).So what I'm saying is that although I'm no fan of character the creative team has lead me to have a look at the book. This issue is the first episode of the 'who shot Bruce Banner' storyline and again the concept of Hulk running around with half his brain hanging out (sorry gruesome spoiler) is a pretty natty one. So again I will definitely look at issue 2 when I get chance the there is some lovely art (if a little cartoony for my tastes) and characterisation in the comic. In particular the newly bald hulk is pretty bad ass. Glass tempered with N Zone particles anyone ?

Lastly, I actually read the first six issues of the Walking Dead when they first came out in trade in around 2004 ish I think it was and then sold the paperback on Amazon straightaway. Frankly at the time I didn't 'get it' with Romero movies never being a part of my horror movie staples - I've always been more of a slasher/Clive Barker fan to be honest. But when the TV series began and was, frankly the best bit of drama on television I decided to give the comic series another go. So I've been downloading occasional issues for about the last two years and am now up to issue 36 and would really recommend fans of the TV program to give the comic a try.

The storyline is radically different to the TV series, enough to make you wonder if the source material really is the same other than the na

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