Thursday, 6 February 2014

When is the best time to focus on your marketing ?

Well that's finished for another day - my on-going, unrelenting marketing push in 2014 continues and it is good.

One of the questions I considered during the Festive break was how to enhance what I do in my marketing and one of things I thought about was when was the time to really double down on the marketing. My usual pattern has been to market, acquire new clients and then as I become busy with those new clients to ease up on the marketing until things quieten down again. Therein lies the problem. I've been suffering a kind of feast and then famine cycle that has proven difficult to break and or work around.

The solution then, which seems blindingly simple is to keep up the pressure on myself to market harder when I'm busy with a view to ensuring it is always a feast period, even if it means working long into the evening hours.

So the question, when is the best time to focus on more marketing - the answer is I think if all the time, if you're quiet, obviously you need to market to acquire new clients but if you're busy, more marketing means more clients, more success and you're building a better, stronger business.

So market until the only problem you have is to  cope with the extra money you're making !

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