Thursday, 20 February 2014

Progress of my MacBook Pro as it travels the world

I know that most people are not going to be interested in my MBP or when it is likely to be delivered but forgive me for being excited !

Heres a screenshot of the UPS Tracking screen for the delivery :

I was fascinated to see the range of travel for one device - from Shanghai to Korea to Kazakstan before entering Europe (Germany) before flying on to Castle Donnington in the UK with projected delivery tomorrow before close of play.

A pretty well travelled laptop before I even get it. Putting aside the awful carbon footprint (apologies, but Apple stuff is so cool) I was most impressed by the timing updates given by Apple on their order website. From the very beginning of placing the order, which has non standard upgrades, so couldn't just be mailed 'off the shelf' (see my previous post on upgrading the RAM) the site said projected delivery was between the 21st and 25th of February - but the projected delivery has also been set at the 21st from the beginning. Taking into account the distance travelled and the relatively slim time window since order I think for the item to be in the UK on time and ready for delivery as stated is pretty fantastic.

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