Monday, 24 February 2014

Monday updates and news

Lots happening today - as we move towards the end of February this week I have seven clients due to send me forms and information back to me to set up their plans for late Feb and early March - so apologies to people for chasing them up a bit more actively than I might otherwise do so. But as I mention in last weeks PMICast (my audio podcast at it is vital that we get information and forms over to insurers in good time to ensure your cover is up and running as you expect.

As a word of warning in this vein : I had one client a week or two ago who came to me and apologised for not sending me his form to process and by the way his daughter now needs to make a claim for an MRI scan - because she had recently visited the doctor for a consult and treatment/diagnostic scans this meant the client in question now needs to stay with his current insurer for at least another year - this means paying over £ 50 per month more for his cover for at least 12 months - over £ 600 in total at least.

Had the form come in at the date we'd originally discussed (1st of January) we would have had the new cover in place with no problems well in advance of the accident his daughter had. That's an expensive delay for most people !

I have, as per previous comments taken delivery of my most excellent Mac Book Pro, 13" Retina display and it is indeed one of the most spectacular pieces of kit I've ever owned. I didn't manage to get a proper unboxing video done due to time problems on Friday afternoon but I have done a quick overview on You Tube this afternoon - check it out here - apologies for the amateurish 'portrait mode' didn't realise until I'd finished I had made this school boy error !

I also have a number of other short business and medical insurance video blogs on my You Tube Channel so please do check them out if you get the chance.


I have just put in place a link of a partner business of mine - Kennetts in Hull - an independent insurance broker that I work with regularly. You'll find me on their partner page in the next few days ( and we've put a reciprocal link here - please check them out for your general insurance needs.

Check out this link to the right of the blog column at


Lastly, make sure you watch out for the next episode of PMICast (audio version) probably to be recorded and put up tomorrow or Wednesday - we'll talk all things PMI, insurance and business news. More on iTunes - search for 'PMICast' and also on line at

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