Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Don't worry I'm not going to sell you anything - Part II

Well the plot thickens.

On the way home this afternoon (school run) I was doorstepped by another door to door salesperson selling the same product as yesterdays. 'Free' cavity wall insulation.

Apparently I live in an energy poverty area and my style of house is definitely eligible for free cavity wall insulation.

The sales person declined to give me any printed information or his company website (he didn't even tell me his companies name) for me to look at the 'offer'.  The only option is a 'free' energy survey which will take between one and two hours.

At this stage I have once again declined.

Doing some research, both Google and Leeds City Council tell me some people on benefits may be eligible for free energy grants including cavity wall insulation and the schemes (called ECO) are available through power generation companies and also some private businesses. I then did a little further research and found dozens of instances of said private companies misleading the public, especially elderly people about what is and isn't available (there's also a Green Loan scheme set up by the coalition government, seems quite complex but in essence loans against savings made by energy saving home improvements are available to have the work done in the first place).

Long story short, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Don't be concerned about me though, my doorstepper told me they are doing a lot of work in our area and not to worry (aaaarrgghhhh!) another colleague will call on me again tomorrow to run me through the free offer.

I am terribly re-assured. They are certainly persistent.

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