Thursday, 20 February 2014

Talk Health Partnership - new post

As longer term readers of this blog might remember I write longer form blog posts on health issues over at one of the largest UK health resource websites :

This is a forum that enables me to talk for longer and often more passionately than I can here given that the Talk Health pieces are explicitly not business related in any way and are for the most part opinion pieces around a very specific healthcare issue.

I haven't had the time or to be honest the general inclination to put anything up at Talk Health for a while (the previous post being from August 2013 prior to today). However, I had started a three part article discussing a skeptical attitude to medicine and put up the first two parts in April and then May 2013. The final third part then sat idling away in my subconscious until I found an hour or two today to flesh out the ideas and finish off the series.

If you do have chance please feel free to visit the blog and have a read. I'm aware that to some the opinions may be controversial but I think that challenging the perceived wisdom (even if it is clearly non-scientific) can only be a worthwhile exercise and is part of my duty as a skeptic.

You can find the article here

I would welcome any feedback on this piece, the two earlier parts or indeed any of my other posts at Talk Health - just e-mail on



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