Thursday, 27 February 2014

No more door to door sales person updates

It seems as if my door to door nemesis has, to use the colloquial, bottled it.

No one turned up today (see my last two posts) despite my asking them to call to 'discuss' their sales pitch with me so I'm assuming that they decided there are much easier marks out there and have gone on to easier prospects.

Shame, I was looking forward to another go at them.

I am out of the office tomorrow seeing clients so I probably will not have time to put up a post tomorrow (in line with my not working later than 5.00pm rule on a Friday) so I thought I would mention two things that I thought readers might be interested in checking out.

Firstly, I wrote a post last week about the future of individual medical insurance and how it relates to both my clients and my business - this has proven to be the most popular post I've ever put up on Localventure - you can read the post by clicking here - so far we've had 143 hits on that post so please have a read if you get chance.

I will also take this opportunity to plug my audio podcast : PMICast. We're now nearly 40 episodes in, over two seasons and, if I were to blow my own trumpet, I'd say the content/quality is improving every episode. The podcast will suit anyone interested in insurance, medical insurance and business more generally. There are two episodes left to come in season two and at the moment I am keeping to my weekly recording and uploading schedule. You can find the podcast on iTunes - search for 'PMICast' or just stream from the internet at

If you find the business podcast a bit dry, there is also my science fiction and fantasy podcast called 'Where's Wilson'. This is a bit more lighthearted and covers SF TV and movies - lots of Dr Who, Walking Dead with the odd movie review thrown in for good measure. There are around 10 episodes of this podcast available and the most recent ones are also in the PMICast stream so check in the above places if you're interested in having a listen.

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