Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Two things to mention - podcast and You Tube

Firstly, there is a new episode of PMICast (season 2, number 18) about to go live on-line www.pmicast.podbean.com and also on iTunes and your podcatcher of choice - please download this one and tell your friends and colleagues. I'd suggest that it's one of the best of season two and I think I've found my podcasting feet again after several slightly lacklustre efforts - the new format gives me a bit more freedom to flit around various subjects more and I'm certainly enjoying it a little bit more and I hope you will too. I'm also conscious that I want to be more accessible to new listeners so I try and do a bit more re-capping of the format and topics too.

Since returning full strength this month the number on the podcast are looking great - we dipped below 4,000 downloads towards the end of 2013, beginning of this year but in the last 30 days we are back up to 5,144 D/L's and hopefully with another strong episode that will head northwards.

I also want to direct readers to my You Tube Channel at :


You can find video podcasts and blogs to add to the audio PMICast and things on this blog so please check it out. You'll find most recently PMICast Video podcast No. 6 which overviews a new tech purchase for my business all at : www.youtube.com/watch?v=QDt5CdlFThA
I've had a few views on that video already so please do check it out.

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