Thursday, 20 February 2014

Weekly update - a great week !

It's been a good week in Localventureland.

Firstly I feel I am kind of back up to speed here at the blog in terms of volume of content (not sure about the quality - I will have to leave that up to you guys). Not sure if I'm at the one per day posting schedule but not far off and I seem to be having some success in building it into my daily routine which is important.

It's nearly a year since I re-launched this blog to fit in with my medical insurance business more closely and in that time (it's actually a year on the 24th of February) we have had close to 20,000 hits on the blog (yesterday was one of our best days ever with 141 hits). This is tremendously exciting and goes to show that with little bit of effort, time and passion it is possible to build a credible web presence that adds value to both my business and (hopefully) in some small way the lives of my readers. Certainly I have attracted new clients and introducers on the back of this blog and gone some way to establishing credentials as a 'thought leader' in my market.

Speaking of which the reason for this post primarily is to let you know that the latest episode of PMICast is now available to download on iTunes or your pod catcher app plus to stream on the net at - this is the second ep with a slightly more relaxed focus and I'm enjoying recording it a bit more than some of the more structured recent ones.

If you scan the PMICast stream you'll also see that yesterday I also uploaded episode 10 of my science fiction and fantasy podcast : Where's Wilson. This is a much more light hearted affair that I host with my two kids : Megan and Ryan. If you're not into SF I'd still suggest a listen - it will let you engage with me when I'm 'off the clock' so to speak (the reason we don't do it more regularly is that I rarely have time in the evenings to stop work and put together this fun podcast) and having listened back to recent episodes I find it (if I do say so myself) quite amusing - definitely worth a listen is you have a spare 15 or so minutes. The SF podcast sits in the PMICast stream by way of pure expedience - there is a separate Where's Wilson stream but it's much easier and quicker to publish both podcasts to the same stream.

I'm also working on a couple of other podcast formats - one serious (a skeptical podcast) and another more light hearted one to partner Where's Wilson - if you have an interest in co-hosting a skeptical podcast with me by Skype please drop me a mail at

As a last thought, we reached around 6,000 regular downloads of PMICast in early summer last year. The break in uploads over X-Mas and early in the New Year doesn't seem to have caused a major drop off in numbers. Last week we were at 4,600 downloads in the previous 30 days and today, prior to uploading episode 17 this morning we're now at 4,763 - so going in the right direction. I'd hope to be back at the 6,000 plus level by the time we get to the end of Season 2 in three episodes time. To assist with this I would of course be really grateful if you could retweet my posts about the podcast and also tell your friends/colleagues about the podcast and see if it is of interest to them - remember it's free and I would love to have more listeners and general feedback.

Thanks for listening and watch this space.

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