Friday, 14 February 2014

Social Media Update

It has been a busy week at Localventure Towers. The latest episode of PMICast - No 16 from episode 2 is now live and with a slightly updated, more wide reaching format. You can find that on iTunes - search for 'PMICast' or at Even with the lull in episodes (only 2 in 2014 so far but hoping to get back the weekly/bi-weekly schedule) we are still getting good download stats - for the last 30 days its over 4,600 downloads. So please keep listening and downloading and make sure you tell anyone who might be interested in this kind of business podcast.

As I'm now finding a bit of time to update the blog and get back into promoting myself via social media I thought it might be a good idea to remind my readers of how to follow/get hold of me in this context.

So here's a list :

Podcasts - as above, load the PMICast into you pod catcher or directly from iTunes or you can stream live at

Linkedin - I'm pretty active on Linkedin. Here's my main profile link :

If you're an introducer (IFA, Accountant) or would like to be, passing your clients to me to advise on medical insurance I also have a special group on Linkedin to support this called 'IntroMed' - you can join or view here :

Business Website - my Premier Choice Healthcare business webpage can be found at :

and gives you a little bit of background as to my regulated insurance business.

Twitter - My two main Twitter accounts are : philknightPCH & localventure1 feel free to follow or DM me.

Facebook - I'm not a massive fan of FB, don't really use it too much but I will post all my business and podcasting updates there are a matter of course.

I'm at :

Google Plus - As a general rule I'd prefer to use G+ more than Facebook but I'm still finding my way around. Obviously I use hangouts fairly regularly for business purposes and can see this becoming more important over time. You can track me down on G+ at :

Please feel free to follow me as and when. The only restrictions I really put in place are on my personal Twitter feed (localventure1) where I don't follow any more than 30 people (and I'm up to 28 at present) to ensure I can keep on top of my timeline effectively and on Linkedin where I'm a little more choosy than some with regards to who I will add as a contact (again just from a busyness and effective communications standpoint) but happy to message back and forth through other media anyway.

Look forward to getting to know you all more !

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