Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Original Sin - issue 0 review

The latest multiverse spanning epic is about to hit Marvels Earth 616 (geek alert) with the Original Sin story line featuring Uatu the Watcher and his (spoilers ??!?) pending demise.

I'm not a fan of massive multi issue spanning epics usually (DC's Blackest Night being a notable exception) but something about this one with its unique premise has captured my attention, probably a fondness for the Watcher presented 'What If' stories of the 70's and 80' and of course The Watchers classic intervention in Lee and Kirbys classic first Galactus story in Fantastic Four (back when it was the Worlds Greatest Comic Magazine) - Ultimate Nullifier anyone ?

So I downloaded the preview issue last week featuring the Watcher and the new Nova (a character I've liked but never really seen in any great depth). The story isn't really, on first glance, anything to do with the pending galactic detective/CIS story but rather a small (if multiverse powered super beings can ever be considered small) character driven piece focusing on the sense of loss both primary characters feel from their mutual disappointment for and on behalf of their fathers. One is a young boy learning what it is to be a hero never knowing what his father, a previous member of the Nova corps stood for or really achieved or indeed even if he is still alive. Whilst the other saw his father apparently fail in a diasterous breach ofthe Watchers original contravention of the prime directive (facile Star Trek reference - sorry). There is even a guest appearance by the aforementioned most powerful weapon in the cosmos for the uber geeks amongst us.

A small story but one with depth that drives both characters forward, fleshes out back stories for both and one with a payoff that might, just might give you a fist clench moment or even dare I say it a brief tear to the eye.

On the strength of this I will at least buy the main 8 issue series and would recommend that most fans of solid character driven comics stories might want to give this storyline a try.

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