Sunday, 27 April 2014

Comixology changes .... Aaaarrrrgggghhhh !!!!

OK so Comixology had been bought by Amazon and we all know what a mess they made of the sale of e-books. There have been a range of humours and scare stories about this purchase culminating in the new ios app going live today.

The on-line moaning today is about the new ios app and the removal of the store front from within the app just as Amazon did with the kindle store so we now have to buy our comics from the safari comixology store and not the ios app. This is a bit of a pain to be sure but not really, especially with the gift certificate that comixology has given to everyone who has ever purchased a comic from them.

The bottom line is people don't like change. Maybe thought not having to pay the 30% to the App Store means that pricing on comics may become more flexible ?

Regardless I'm taking my $ 5.00 bribe and buying a trade ... Hahahahahahahah !

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