Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Back to blogging

Over the Easter period I have sat down several times to put a new blog post up and haven't frankly has the inspiration to do so. Unusually I haven't done too much work over the Easter fortnight (is it me or are holidays getting longer and longer?) with the kids being off and Easter being so late I have got tied up with a number of family issues, visits, outings and so forth and tended to just do the minimum of client support and e-mails answering first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Now the Easter hols are over I think we're getting back to a more usual work pattern. Certainly work is pretty busy at the moment with lots of client and introducer things happening. I have a new episode of PMICast (number 4 from season 4) to upload with lots of good stuff included - please check it out on iTunes or at and check it out on your phone pod catcher of choice too - make sure you subscribe.

You can also check out my other podcast, also in the PMICast stream, called 'Where's Wilson'. This is my occasional SF and Fantasy podcast (a lot more lighthearted than PMICast) that I host with my kids.

Lastly I am toying with moving from IOS to Android when my phone becomes due for a change in the next couple of weeks. Shouldn't affect my number (PAC system notwithstanding) but I'll probably blog about the process and my thoughts in coming blog posts too.

Welcome to the blog post Easter - keep busy !

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