Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Bienvenu and Wilkommen to Localventure

Been a hectic few days in Chez Localventure.

I took a few days off over the start of the Easter break and came back to work 'full power' today with a backlog of queries, client reports and e-mails to resolve and am slowly getting back on track.

As I projected, no chance of a PMICast this week but I'm prepping next weeks so we should be back to the normal weekly schedule. I am however also working on a new podcast idea due to launch shortly in the PMICast stream so watch this space.


Over the last few weeks I've seen several movies including : Captain America : The Winter Soldier (aka muscly guys in masks kicking the c#*p out of each other for the benefit of fan-boys) and Divergent (Hunger Games Lite) - although to be fair Divergent is actually a better movie than THG as it has a plot, characters who progress as people and an end. Looking forward to Amazing Spiderman 2 although I suspect my view will be - see comments for Captain America.

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