Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Long but productive day yesterday

Had a long but generally positive day yesterday.

Managed to resolve a new business case with a client that has been going since December 2013 and has taken until yesterday to resolve all the issues around moving them to a new insurer, sorting out the product and price proposition and assisting the client with achieving their goals in the medium term. Not a massively lucrative case for me but very satisfying when I'm able to resolve all the issues and successfully set up the right cover for the client and their family.

In addition I heard formally yesterday evening that I have been promoted at my karate club to 'Assistant Club Intrutor'. Although I have been teaching regularly since Christmas the promotion has now formalised my position and at the Yeadon club I will be taking the class more regularly (as the senior instructor is expanding the Halton side of the club and will not be able to come over to Leeds as often. Really enjoying the training at the moment and the new instructor role harks back to my previous club where I was the second most senior dan grade.

Also managed to get the marketing work kicked back up to speed yesterday and prep for todays marketing too. Had to work until after 10.00pm but preppie for another busy day - hence trying to get this post up first thing this morning.

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