Friday, 13 September 2013

The End of a Busy Week

I have (it seems) managed to cram a fair amount in to this week.

I would like to take my last post of the working week to remind you of the highlights and low lights :

Hot - one of the busier weeks on social media for me - highest ever daily hits on this blog on Wednesday and Thursday - averages now looking like around 3,000 readers plus per month at the moment. The podcast (some details below) is now getting just shy of 7,000 listeners per month.

Hotter - excellent new business week - lots of new prospects, clients and good professional introducers - if you are new to me and my healthcare business (or my medical marketing business) - Hi there !

Hottest - new episode of PMICast - a special 'Professional Introducer' feature episode - had several comments from listener and really positive feedback - make sure that you continue to check out the 'cast - find it on iTunes or at


Low - still over 20 un touched to do items on my list

Lower - Apple IOS and iPhone announcement had literally no surprises whatsoever and for the first time in years I don't want nor am I excited about the latest iPhone ! (see my article earlier this week about why I'm sticking to the iPhone 5.

The Pitts - no one had yet responded to my frequent requests to put a four or five star iTunes in the US store - as I've mentioned both here and on the podcast I need some decent reviews on the US iTunes store in order to move forward with an important new sponsor with the podcast (Audible) - if you or anyone you know who listens to the podcast could see their way to doing this then please do so.

Thanks !

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