Friday, 20 September 2013

First thoughts on IOS 'hands on'

I held off for a whole 36 hours but did download IOS on my iPhone and iPad late yesterday to see how the new IOS 7 looked in and worked.

Frankly I'm a little disappointed. The feel is still a little buggy and apparently unfinished - the OS seems jittery and unsure of itself and not so well thought out or 'mature' as IOS 6 - as if maturity and functionality were something to be sacrificed at the alter of being trendy and colourful.

I have some technical niggles - like the new control centre that swipes up from the bottom of the screen but how can I set my audio going ?  Is it a single click from a locked screen (two clicks) ? Is it a click on home, swipe to open and the swipe up to control centre then click play (4 clicks) or is it using the home, then swipe, then into the app then find the track or podcast and then press play or is it all three ? Well the answer is I'm buggered if I know - but the old double click on the home button and press play on the most recent audio you had on in IOS seemed simpler and more consistent and of course no longer works now.

My home and lock screen pictures are too large and unchangeable. Irritating but not a deal breaker.

Deal break potentially though is the massive battery drain that IOS 7 seems to cause unless you switch off all auto-updating and location services - no doubt the IOS 7.1 release (due imminently I'm sure) will resolve this but wow - went through 100% power in less than three hours yesterday afternoon. In total needed to top up charge three times yesterday in around 8 hours of use where as normally on IOS 6 I managed around 10% per hour drain during my daily (fairly heavy) business and personal use - so at worst I needed to top up 15 or 20 minutes late afternoon to see me through to bedtime.

Today is better on battery drain -  I'm at 72% right now (typing at14.24) having got up and begun using the phone at around 6.30am. However, today has been relatively light use and I have literally switched EVERYTHING that works in the background off and all location services. Oh the compromise - it may be in fact that my diamond slippers are pinching a little !

Oh and app developers - don't take a good app, update it to IOS 7 and remove one click functionality and make everything work differently - change for changes sake is pointless - PocketCast take note ! You used to be able to see 'unfinished' podcasts on their own tab - this is gone, accessing show notes is clumsy and slow plus deleting unwanted podcasts needs neurosurgeon class reflexes to find the little settings icon and hit it with human sized fingers - apparently some app designers imagine we all have iPhone pixies with the nimble fingers and genius level IQ's to wade through their pointless changes and make them work again.

Rant now over - as intimated above I may be blowing this out of proportion but even on day two I'm not enjoying the IOS 7 experience yet - I will however stick with it and more to follow on living with the OS permanently in the near future.

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