Wednesday, 11 September 2013

My on-going iPhone story

I transferred to iPhone 5 from my old 4S on a network upgrade in December last year and have been running with it since then.

Love both the functionality and look of the device although have had some occasional connection problems with the phone and occasional crashes from both the Audible and Pocket Cast apps (happens about once or twice a week and the app just stops working and a switch on and off of the device normally fixes). So minor niggles aside, very happy. Obviously the launch of the 5S yesterday makes one think about whether I should update or stay with the 5.

To this end I recently took my phone out of it's super tough blue case :

I had put this case on the phone to protect it literally within a day or two of having the new device and hadn't spent anytime with the phone 'naked' - so now I've taken the clunky (though very safe) case off and substituting a light weight bumper :

This has really been a revelation - the phone is far lighter than I remember and seems more responsive and faster and importantly a more intimate experience. As I mentioned on Twitter when I first swapped covers it is literally like having a new device.

Taking this into account and also the advent of IOS 7 on the 18th of September I have decided to stay with the 5 until the 6 becomes available next year - I'm happy broadly with the functionality of the 5, IOS seems like an exciting upgrade and no doubt will again be like having a new phone. Plus I am not all that bothered about either of the two main upgrades : camera enhancements or the new fingerprint scanner - I'm one of the few who already use an unlock code on the phone and have no problem with sticking with this for another 12 months.

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