Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Are you a prospective professional introducer to my PMI practice ?

If you are an IFA, accountant or other professional adviser then you could be a prospective introducer to my medical insurance practice.

I work with a range of professionals, offering advice to their clients on medical insurance that is expert, focused and transparent. The client receives good advice on PMI, the introducer builds a growing new income stream to their practice as well as obviously enhanced support for their client bank.

I've worked with IFA's and other brokers for 20 years and have built my practice around this kind of subcontracting introducer support. Many of you will know about my medical insurance podcast : PMICast - next week (9th of September) and I am planning a special introducer edition of the 'cast.

There will be lots of relevant information and features to inform and educate - should be good stuff. The main aim is to help you increase revenue from medical insurance by irking with me more closely.

I've been talking about it on Twitter and LinkedIn already and will do so more this coming few days but if you fall into one of the above categories then keep an eye on this blog for more details. Plus subscribe to PMICast on iTunes and bookmark the streaming website at www.pmicast.podbean.com

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