Monday, 2 September 2013

Email problem and courtesy

Think on e-mail today.

Firstly a bit of a pet peeve - when I receive an e-mail that requires an answer I always attempt to drop a note through to the sender to acknowledge the question even if I can't answer the question immediately - although I do apologize for not always actioning dull admin tasks immediately !

Important or technical queries should in my opinion always be replied to, even if just to put them into a holding pattern.

Also in land of e-mail today I've been having some issues with e-mail on the Mac - some mails are coming in fine but others, addressed to my business e-mail account are appearing in gmail (where I aggregate everything) and on my IOS devices but not all are going through to the desktop on my Mac - very frustrating as I'm having to hop in and out of devices and forward mail into different folders which then do replicate over onto the Mac - bizarre as it affects one app but not others.

Help !

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