Friday, 6 September 2013

Help wanted if you have a moment

Most of the members in this group will be aware of the medical insurance podcast that I host on a weekly basis. Listeners will know that to assist with the funding of the 'cast I do now have a couple of regular sponsors. However, I have managed to secure a major new sponsor : Audible but in order to set up a bespoke weblink for listeners of my podcast to obtain a free trial to the audiobook service (which by the way is brilliant - I've been a subscriber for many years now which is why I'm so keen to get them on the podcast as main sponsor) I need to fulfil extra quality criteria for them. In essence I need at least one feedback on the US iTunes store for the podcast and my average rating needs to be at least 4 star.

I would therefore be immensely grateful if one of my listeners/introducers could spare 2 minutes to log in to their Apple ID account and on the US store leave me a quick review.

Many thanks in anticipation. To access the US store, go onto iTunes on your computer and click on the Union Flag at the very bottom right of the main homepage - this takes you to the country choosing page - just click on the stars and stripes. Then to revert back to your usual UK home page do this in reverse.

Obviously if you want to to leave a similar review on the UK version as well that would be super fantastic and above and beyond the call of duty !

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