Saturday, 28 September 2013

Buying a new fridge freezer

Had to buy a new fridge freezer today and it is really striking that for less than £ 1,000 the American style fridge freezer options are literally super cheap and plasticky and as soon as you go over the mystical grand barrier the options suddenly become sleeker, nicer more well built and so forth - it's also really annoying that when we designed our kitchen in 2004 that we included a built in alcove for a large fridge otherwise we could probably have gotten away with two independent unitsfor much less. 

Let's also hope that the next one lasts a little more than nine years - I think that's not great for a major applicance especially when you consider that over the nine years it has cost us several hundred pounds to keep it going over the three or four faults it developed.

Still looking on the positive side my new fridge freezer is sleek and sexy and has a special beer storage section - yay !

But just Don't get me started on my car which looks like it is going to need a new gearbox and clutch - ouch !

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