Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Exciting times ...

Following on from (modestly) what I think was the best episode of PMICast yesterday (search for it on iTunes or also had some of our biggest numbers here on the blog too. Over 100 visitors (108) in a 24 hour period is I think our best single day ever and continues the growth to over 3,000 hits per month now - please keep visiting and reading and tell your friends and business colleagues - the more the merrier.

I monitor the stats on the podcast on a daily rate and our 30 day figures have been consistently over 6,000 downloads for some time now - with the launch of Ep 4 of season 2 yesterday we peaked at 6,400 downloads. These are great numbers but I would like to get over the 7,000 level sometime soon so please pass the word if you can.

Two other quick issues to mention on the podcast - firstly we have an exciting event for introducers on the 9th of September episode so if you're an IFA, broker or accountant who's interested in help with sales of medical insurance you need to download episode 5 of PMICast when it goes live next week.

Lastly, we have been approved by Audible as an affiliate sponsor but to go live we need at least one US iTunes feedback entry and and average rating of 4* so this is an appeal to our US based listeners - if you have two minutes could you please leave us some iTunes feedback.

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