Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Update to Leeds Cardiac surgery sitaution

According to the local and national press over the last 48 hours the Leeds Hospital trust is restarting paediatric cardiac surgery in a phased way in the next week with the unit planned to be fully up and running within around four weeks or so.

Maggie Boye (Chief Exec of the NHS Trust) said "Our partners and ourselves are now in a position to reassure those families coming to Leeds for treatment that our hospital is as safe as any children's heart surgery centre in England."

I really don't think that the saga is over yet:  - there's no word on the statistics that were used as justification for shutting down surgery in the first place - were they right or incorrectly analysed; are senior figures in the NHS 'out to get' the Childrens Surgical Heart Unit; what's happening with regards to the two 'junior' consultants - are they still in charge ? Lastly and possibly most importantly is Leeds the correct venue for the unit or is the move over to Newcastle to be re-instigated especially in light of the apparent mismanagement at the moment.

Time will no doubt tell and I would guess this is a subject we will need to return to.

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