Monday, 22 April 2013

Quick update on my main medical insurance business

It occurred to me recently that simply from reading this blog and recent posts you might not know exactly what my day job is so I thought I would take a quick opportunity to remind people that with 20 years (ish) experience in the medical insurance sector, I am an independent healthcare consultant advising individual and corporate clients in all aspects of new and existing medical insurance. I'm authorised with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) via Premier Choice Healthcare and also write regular new items for them at their website : and click on 'Latest News'.

As part of my practice I look after the clients of professional advisers like IFA's, accountants, general commercial brokers and so on - having worked with this kind of adviser for PMI insurers previously I know exactly what support and so forth an introducer and their clients need and my medical insurance practice is built around excellent client service and on-going practical support for introducers - I also provide excellent introducer fees as well as you might expect!

To support everything I do I have the only UK based podcast that specialises in medical insurance - it's called PMICast and you can find it on iTunes or at

I've also done a range of consulting and speaking work in the healthcare, PMI and sales/marketing sectors and am happy to become involved in bespoke projects and directorships as and when opportunity arises.

I also own a business that provides marketing support for senior clinicians and you can find out more about that at

As well as this blog you can also see my comments on one of the UK's largest health reference websites :

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