Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Thanks you for visiting this blog

Just wanted to say a quick word of thanks to the visitors to this blog

Since I re-launched this blog on the 20th of February we have had over 2800 visitors.

This works out to an average of over 1300 per month - in fact due to recent increases in the daily hit rate, in the next 30 days I'm projecting something in the region of 3,000 or so visits during May.

This is a phenomenal success and I'm immensely grateful that people are visiting, clearly finding some utility in the content and then coming back again - given the increase I'm assuming that there is also some word of mouth happening so again - many thanks to all of my readers.

As you will be aware I also launched a couple of new podcasts in March and in large part due to support from my blog readers we have had a great response to these too :

PMICast is the only UK podcast devoted to private medical insurance. There are now 7 episodes up on iTunes and at Over 2,000 people have visited the podbean site to listen to the episodes and as of yesterday morning there are now also nearly 1,500 subscribers to the podcast (available download on iTunes and other pod cast sources) - as PMICast is now a major element of my business this is fantastic and I will endeavour to keep the content coming in response to the demand.

My 'personal' podcast is a slightly more light hearted affair (called : Where's Wilson - see episode 4 to find out the secret origin of the podcasts name) - again on iTunes and at this 'cast covers science fiction and fantasy topics and I co-host it with my daughter Megan and special guest appearances from my son Ryan (who is our video games critic). Only four episodes are up at the moment (with just 612 subscribers - tell your friends !) - we're about to record number five which is a bumper one and will feature lots of Dr Who and comment on forthcoming summer blockbuster movies.

Thanks for your on-going support and I look forward to continuing to communicate with you - my precious readers !


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