Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Busy day ...

Been a bit of a hectic few days.

Just picked up a new piece of business and processed it through the system today with another 2 new clients reports to get done and out before 5.00pm.

Had an excellent meeting with a prospective new introducer yesterday and another meeting with a second new introducer to prepare for tomorrow morning.

In the meantime caught up on the new trailers for Man of Steel and Star Trek Into Darkness.

I've already tweeted about them both especially MoS which looks totally awesome - here's the link to the trailer On You Tube I highly recommend you check it out.

Whilst you're going on line can I ask you to check out the following :

1) PMICast my audio podcast - there are now 6 episodes of medical insurance goodness to check out. PMICast is the ONLY UK podcast devoted to PMI and related things so please check it out if you're remotely interested in the business of PMI and insurance generally. Search under the name on iTunes and at

2) I have an accompanying video cast for PMICast on my You Tube Channel : pkn439 please click on the link and check this out. The aim is to add value and additional related content for the audio podcast not necessarily to replicate the audio version.

3) I also have my new SF and fantasy podcast - if you like this kind of thing please search under 'Wheres Wilson' on iTunes or (learn the secret origin of the podcast name on episode 3). Epsisode 4 is coming soon and we'll be previewing the big three summer movie releases : Star Trek, Man of Steel and Iron Man 3 plus talking about Dr Who eps 2 and 3 from season 7b.

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