Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Web Design - the value of learning as you go

It would be somewhat churlish to describe myself as a web designer, however over the years I have put together a variety of websites both with other people and myself and they have generally been pretty well laid out and done the job. I enjoy this work and would like to do more both recreationally and for money (!).

In this vein I have been doing some web design for a medico legal client over the last couple of weeks and although I use a template system to create the basic layout and design the client needed some bespoke html elements building into the site.

I am, as they say completely 'self taught' and this has been an enormous challenge for me but quite rewarding - things are going well and this morning I managed to overcome a problem with inserting a coloured text button and then a link into the button itself to another part of the site I am designing- only took me 20 minutes to figure out how to input the text and then target it towards the right bit of the site - very satisfying although granted this is really simple html programming.

Essentially with a bit of patience and access to You Tube tutorials I suspect you can pretty much do anything.

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