Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Place holder blog post today

So insanely busy today that I haven't had time to put together a cogent or informative blog post for my readers today - if you're interested in something relevant you should probably skip this one to be honest.

So far today :

  • 2 dogs walked
  • 1 40 minute telephone meeting
  • 1 forgotten (nearly) cat vaccination - that was a bit of a blind panic and the cat was none too pleased
  • over 70 e-mails assessed or replied to
  • three new business applications processed
  • 1 new client report sent and acknowledged
  • 2 new clients called and information found for quote reports - 2 reports to diary for later in the week
  • 27 to do items on phone reduced to 5 pending
  • 1 sandwich purchsed
  • 2 children (nicely) palmed off on relatives
  • 1 visit from 'technician' to review a problem with new suite in the living room
  • 1 dog quieted when he took against the above technician
  • two thirds of MacBreak Weekly listened to while working (not as funny as usual)

Still to come :

  • early meal prior to karate
  • Karate Class at 6.00pm (still 2 Gi's to iron... gulp)
  • another couple of hours of prep for tomorrow work
  • seven or eight Premier Choice new business/renewal spreadsheets to complete (might do that tomorrow)
  • 4 call backs

Really have no more time to waste on this post !

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