Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Progress to date

Been back at work formally for two days now and beginning to get back into the stride of things. Not really running at full tilt as the usual array of social media/podcasting in addition to my marketing efforts are still being superceded by my efforts to catch back up with e-mail and all those little tasks that get left whilst you're away on holidays.

However, travelled to see a new client in the South East yesterday and that meeting went well and spent today in the office and on the phone organising and as I say, catching up with e-mail and out-standing apps from clients and so forth.

Managed to record a new intro to the podcast which I will be prepping this evening and planning to record sometime tomorrow morning - should be live tomorrow afternoon but I will of course keep you all posted. Excitingly I do have a slight format change to the 'cast (in addition to spanky new intro) to keep things fresh so make a note to cstch up with season 2. Our first sponsor has now finished and thanks to them for their input for the last four episodes of the podcast (17-20). We have one confirmed new sponsor for the 'cast tomorrow and I'm currently in negotiation with 7 others believe it or not so hopefully one or two will agree to come on board.

You can find the podcast on iTunes - search for PMICast or at www.pmicast.podbean.com where you will find the first 20 episodes plus my Where's Wilson science fiction podcast as well for now.

Contact me to sponsor the cast - we have over 6,000 monthly listeners ! at pmicast@gmail.com

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