Sunday, 18 August 2013

Golf ... aaarrgghhhhh !!!

I have not played actual golf in around 15 years and cannot claim to have ever been anything more than a totally ungifted hacker.

As the old joke goes, my handicap was my golf sticks !

Mrs Localventure and I wanted to come up with a physical activity the whole family could do together so we've decided to take the kids to a driving range and get us all competent enough to manage a family round of golf together.

So this morning I took the kids to scope out our local driving range near Esholt (legendary former home of Emmerdale village) and have a quick go.

Kids both took to it fairly well, Ryan is 7 so the clubs are a bit big and it's hard for him but he had good go and can hit the ball (not far) but consistently. Meg (13) actually has quite a nice stance and swing - can't hit the ball straight for toffee but this is literally the first time she's played anything other than crazy golf.

But I hear you asking, what about me ?

See picture below :

Frankly, I'm still crap ....

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