Monday, 19 August 2013

Petrol Vouchers

Whilst I was away on holiday I spent £60 at Sainsburys and received a voucher for 6p discount off each litre of fuel at their petrol station. I claimed this saving easily with no problems at my next visit to buy fuel. 

Today I received the same voucher deal from Morrisons so took the voucher to the forecourt this evening. Unfortunately they required the actual shopping receipt to offer the discount. Obviously I don't carry all my shopping receipts with me and therefore couldn't use the discount voucher.

The attendant was also a bit of a prick about it I'm sorry to say.

Now that's customer service - it also begs the question, why not just use the receipt as a voucher instead of procuring an, effectively useless, second bit of voucher paper.

I'd say I will never use Morrisons Petrol station again but the two local petrol stations are both of the Morrisons variety and they effectively have a local monopoly.

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