Tuesday, 20 August 2013

New sponsor for this blog and the PMICast podcast

Above this post at the top of the Localventure site (just under the title) you will find a banner advertising the Sonos wireless hifi system.

This is not random ad placed by google but rather our new affiliate sponsor - the blog and podcast receive a small commission on each sale made via our link and this is a good way for us to cover the costs of the free content.

If you are interested in creating a really cool and effective wireless music playing network at home fro ma state of the art, cutting edge tech company then Sonos is the answer.

Their system works from your smart phone and enables you to seamlessly play music, radio and even audio books around your home with total control - their base systems start from $ 349 and the quality and control is excellent.

Please click on the link to see more, make sure you do some research on the system that suits you and then if you do decide to make a purchase make sure you do so via our link - it would be of immense help.

Thanks !

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