Thursday, 14 March 2013

Who really owns your Linkedin profile

This is the second version of this post.

The first was a long and quite detailed account of how a former employer (no names to protect the innocent) forced me on my final day of employment with them to amend my Linkedin profile when I left their employment because they did not like one part of the job description I had uploaded several months earlier. This was I presume an abortive attempt to make it harder for me to move to a competitor or some such nonsense.

I have deleted this above mentioned first post, it came across as a bit whiney and didn't hammer home the moral of the story which is :  Linkedin is a useful tool for business but remember that like Facebook and Twitter it is a social network and as such will be viewed by employers and business contacts so be careful what you write and where possible err on the side of 'less is more'.

The fact that this employer did not, and still doesn't understand or utilise the internet properly let alone social media (awful website, no Facebook or Twitter or blog etc and they still have me listed as the contact on several on-line resources I set up for them) it totally escapes them and for the record, the information I was asked to remove (and did so begrudgingly at the time) was re-instated immediately their cheque cleared two or three days later !

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