Monday, 4 March 2013

Coming soon ... PMICast

At the moment I'm deep in planning for a new video and audio podcast for my medical insurance business.

The aim is to put up a You Tube video 'cast and also the audio transcript on RSS/Itunes once a month. There will be a main discussion point, some news, e-mail/feedback and contact information. I've already recorded 'Episode 0' as a test and it runs to around seven minutes which seems about right - keeping it pithy and concise.

The contact e-mail for the podcast will be (the name of the 'cast is PMICast) - once we go live I'll add more details including show notes and when we're live on itunes and so forth.

Fingers crossed we will make this project available at least monthly moving forwards with the first proper episode any day now in March 2013.


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Phil Knight
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