Saturday, 14 February 2015

Weekend social media update

Three things to quickly announce here.

Firstly, after a 13 month break, Where's Wilson my SF TV and movie podcast is back with a Avengers (Age of Ultron). This is a fun podcast (not so serious as PMICast) that covers off SF TV and movies plus a bit of martial arts. I co-host the show with Ryan my 9 year old - it's usually quite a bit of fun so please try it out.

It's in the PMICast stream so you can find it under PMICast on iTunes and also at

Secondly I've just put up an unboxing video (my first) for my new iPhone 6 Plus case - so please have a look at this one too. Its the Spigen Slim Armour CS and if you'e interested in buying this kind of time I'd suggest you have a look - not too many for this particular item out there. Will probably also put up a full review in a week or two. View video.

Lastly my son Ryan has wanted his own Skylanders video You Tube Channel for ages so we've just recorded and uploaded his first video - please take the time to view it - he would be pleased to pick up a few views. Watch Ryan here.


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