Wednesday, 4 February 2015

New Purely Medical Insurance You Tube video now available - Introducer special

I have just uploaded an important new video on my medical insurance You Tube Channel - you can find the video here.

This one is a guide to how I work with my IFA introducers and gives a full breakdown of the advantages for them in so doing.

In case you don't have chance to watch it in full, here is a transcript of the content.

Working with Introducers - Purely Medical Insurance - episode 4

Welcome to the fourth instalment of Purely Medical Insurance - this is the only YT channel aimed at helping everyone understand a little bit about medical insurance, why you need it and how I can help you - whether you are a client or a professional introducer to my business.

in this video I’ll be talking about my work with introducers how I help them develop profitable PMI business. Whether you are an IFA, Accountant, general broker, protection specialist - in fact any professional adviser - this short video could help you increase income for your business and importantly help your clients get the right advice on medical insurance cover.

Level of Support

Over the years the PMI insurers have honed their product and service proposition into the intermediary market. Products become more technical and complex + the support offered to brokers has become focused on top producing specialists like myself. This is the 80/20 rule : 80% of the business comes from the top 20% of brokers.

The upshot is that non specialists : IFA’s, Accountants, general/commercial brokers cannot stay up to date with on-going product changes and receive none or very little support from insurers.

This means a specialist service like mine, offering subcontracted medical insurance services to my introducers is invaluable.

My experience 

I’ve worked in medical insurance since 1994 as a broker consultant for a variety of major medical insurers. When I set up my specialist healthcare practice in 2010 I decided to work with introducers as my main focus for marketing.

I may not be the only healthcare intermediary intermediary working with introducers but I am certainly the most experienced with the biggest social media presence.

Time Away from Core business 

I know that you cannot take time out from your core business areas to swot up on medical insurance, PMI is just too big an area.

  • I offer a professional, transparent service and am fully FCA regulated obviously
  • Each introducer has an individual introducer agreement
  • Fair, pre-agreed commission sharing, more generous than most of my contemporaries 
  • My marketing support includes : linkedin group, PMI podcast, public Drop Box marketing resources
  • Importantly the client remains your so if things change you can take them back


So the aim is to create a virtous circle

I get access to new clients from my introducers.

Your clients get expert advice and on-going support in a complex product area.

Your practice derives income from medical insurance that you would not otherwise have had

For more information use the contact information in the video notes.

Thanks for watching and please remember to subscribe 

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