Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Top Gear 2 - the adventure continues

So I loaded up my Amazon Prime trial and carried on watching Top Gear as if it had never been off the air. Same mansploitation vibe between the hosts, same irreverent approach to, well, everything, same segments, perhaps slightly more sweary and near the knuckle but of course you can't get sacked from the internet can you ?

It was all delightfully non-politically correct almost as if we'd gone back in time to 2005 which of course basically we have. This is of course The Grand Tour of which I speak, a show so 'pre' the financial crash of 2008 I could almost feel the end of year bonus being spent on Hyper Cars.

Overall it was of course not a return to form, Top Gear pre JC sacking never really lost it. So more of a continuation but with more planes and a live band. Watching the show, the first five minutes literally killed the BBC's current incarnation of Top Gear by recapturing that which made Clarkson, Hammond and May's incarnation of the show just ... better : nostalgia for past glories, pathos, bromance and a direct line into the zeitgeist of a lot of the population of the UK.

The on-going if slightly offensive (insert sub-group or nation to mock here) boyish banter won't suit everyone but then it never did. What Amazon and TGT trio have done is resurrect Top Gear - one of the most popular TV programs of all time and give everyone who ever loved it exactly what they wanted but on steroids.

Not sure if there's really any point Matt LeBlanc turning up to shoot Season 2(?) of the new Top Gear for the BBC - because Top Gear is back on Amazon and I'm thinking about cancelling Netflix for three months to move over to Amazon Video for a bit.

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