Sunday, 29 March 2015

Why is Agents of Shield so boring

Happened to catch 15 minutes of a recent ep of Agents of Shield by accident yesterday and it got me thinking. It's ok TV, not much happening a lot of chatting with a bit of action but really it's a standard action drama with a bit of comic book/supernatural/science 'stuff' going on. But then so is X-Files, so is Supernatural and so on.

Why then is AoS a bit dull but yet Avengers Age of Ultron - which after all draws from the same universe and indeed in some cases shares characters - going to be a massive, cool box office smash.
To me the answer is obvious.

Having bought comics since the age of 4 or 5 I would definitely buy an Avengers book but Agents of Shield is a bit like Marvel Team Up or Aquaman - if the book was there and I had nothing else to do I would pick it up and read it but I'd never buy it with my own money.

So comics TV I think works in the same way - if the book isn't action packed with interesting characters and a strong story line then the TV show will be the same.

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