Monday, 23 March 2015

Intensive marketing

After (another !) quiet period on the blog I have been working behind the scenes to increase the marketing that sits behind my business. In fact the level of enquiries coming in has actually been quite good and I am receiving leads on at least a daily basis both direct and from my introducer ITA/professional adviser clients.

However the type of lead has changed over the last few months - I have been receiving less direct leads and more introducer cases and in addition the business seems to be taking longer to convert from lead to actual new business/appointed client. The knock on effect is that more time is taken 'shepherding' leads to becoming new business and my fear is that in six or twelve months time the new business pipeline may look healthy but the actual income from those cases won't be materialising fast enough. Of course this isn't a major catastrophe as my renewal flow is still looking ok.

With this in mind I am therefore embarking on a few new marketing campaigns which should be revealed here later. The aim being to increase the income flow by ramping up the pipeline a little. So hopefully this means more activity generally both here and in other of my social media elements plus of course more activity from clients coming to me as well - fingers crossed and things can move to the next level.

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