Friday, 27 March 2015

Weekly up date

OK so I have been better this week and this is my fourth post on the blog (making a grand total of five posts for the entirety of March).

This week I have spoken to a group of 50 IFA's, developed a new marketing strategy, spoken to a couple of new introducers and managed to pick up several new client leads.

My problem though this week is that typical of most end of the month weeks no one has sent back any application forms - I've just sent out a number of chases this afternoon to clients letting them know that their cover is not in place until they return their application form - despite this set back (the month should have been excellent but instead has been just average) I have over £ 5,000 of commission in the pipeline plus a healthy set of renewals for May and June - it's just a little frustrating that clients don't always respond as quickly as one might like. Never mind.

Several really good prospective client reports to write next week including two personal clients where the premiums will be over £ 250 per month and a decent corporate scheme renewal to look at as well.

I've really ramped up the marketing this week, working late every night so far (except Thursday) to get my message out to more potential clients - seems to be going ok - no PMI leads from that effort this week (I suspect it will take a week or two more of effort for this to pay off) but three medical indemnity leads this week and a good number of hits to the medico legal marketing business website.

I will be finishing off Friday with another flurry of marketing and more to come next week as I embark on a new sales mailer program and also possibly some press advertising as well.

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