Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Update on my talk this morning

Firstly, thanks for the invite from Owen Wright for the invite to address the Sheffield Life and Pensions group at the AMP Technology Centre this morning - it is always nice to get out and about and touch base with colleagues.

We had an excellent turnout and hopefully the talk on the technicalities of modern medical insurance and what is required from IFA adviser who wish to remain current with their market research was of interest to the audience. Certainly the talk went as planned and I had a number of encouraging conversations with delegates in the coffee break following my section.

The aim of the session was not to 'sell' my service of working with introducers on their healthcare business but certainly a couple of people did mention they might well like to pass a case over to me - so very worthwhile for me too. However, I hope that I was able to get across some of the key issues for both client and adviser when providing a pro-active review of new and existing medical insurance plans. I feel that often advice on medical insurance can be an afterthought for some advisers (due to work load and the time taken to remain up to speed on industry changes) and this is doing a dis-service to bot their practice and of course the client. Anything I can do for IFA colleagues to help them in this area makes senses in terms of helping expand my industry and ensure more and more clients have the right medical insurance plan.

As I mentioned to Owen before I left I will be happy to chat with anyone who is interested in medical insurance or who has questions even if they are not considering sub-contracting their PMI business to me - always happy to help !

I'm also hoping to provide the same talk to other similar institutes around the country if they are interested. The talk is very focused on technical and sales/market research issues and would suit a mixed group of IFA practitioners who have any level of interest in the medical insurance sector.

All I would ask is that if the event is outside of the Yorkshire area my travelling expenses are covered. Just let me know -

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