Friday, 27 March 2015

Some people just do not get it !

The point of Linkedin, as I understand it is to create an interactive environment where business professionals and business owners can set up their stall in a slightly more formal version of a social network website and exchange ideas, refer clients, source services and highlight/market their own business.

It is an environment of give and take - i would always use Linkedin to source any professional service I needed and when the opportunity arises refer clients to contacts and so on. A bit like a referral club or business network a la BNI (if that sort of thing floats your boat).

It always staggers me that when (as I occasionally do) I market my services on Linkedin to members of local business groups - from which I regularly pick up good clients - every now and then you get some nay sayer moaning about your contacting them, asking to be unsubscribed and so on.

I think perhaps it's them that should hit the unsubscribe button and leave Linkedin - I can understand them not wanting to go along to a client swapping BNI chapter (I've always found that sort of thing a bit false and uncomfortable so I'm not a member). My view is that as long as Linkedin messages are cogent and polite I'm always happy to receive them and more than that I often take up the service or contact the message sender - that's the point of Linkedin : to expand our business boundaries, learn about other businesses and get involved.

Obviously this process was prompted by a negative message I received following an innocuous message telling someone about my business - ironically this person is also a member of the White Rose chapter of BNI - I wonder if he tells visitors to his networking group to 'unsubscribe' when they ask him for a lead and then purposefully ignore them for the entire meeting - some people really do not get the point.

Jesus Wept !

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