Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Back to Iphone

Readers of the blog will know that earlier in 2014 I took the decision when my mobile phone contract renewed to move from IOS over to Android. So I mothballed my old iPhone 5 and moved over to the Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

To be honest the Note was a fantastic handset - the perfect size for both work and pleasure (videos, games, You Tube and so on) and with the SnapDragon 800 chip on board fairly whizzed along. I wasn't initially a massive fan of the Samsung Touch Whizz skin over Android 4.4.2 (KitKat) but over time I learned to navigate and ultimately it stopped bugging me.

One of the main drivers to the move was the screen size of the iPhone 5 being just too small which was the reason for choosing the enormous Note. At that time (April 2014) Apple just didn't offer a larger handset.

So when the fruity one launched the 6 and 6 Plus I decided to make the move back to IOS on the 5.5 inch screen of the 6 Plus.

I've now been rocking my 6 Plus for a full week and am enjoying it immensely - it's a more solid and well made version of the phone the Note wanted to be, the screen is awesome, especially in full sunlight. However I am finding IOS buggy on the 6 Plus - in particular the Audible, You Tube and Netflix apps are prone to jamming and requiring a re-boot of the phone. I also remember the iPhone 5 running IOS 7 at the time) never being laggy or slow when swiping between screens and in fact faster for this than the Note. However I am seeing a little slowness around the OS on the new iPhone using IOS 8 - maybe the OS isn't fully optimised for the new hardware or maybe with only 1gig of RAM on board the processor isn't quite fast enough to handle the screen and the demands of the OS simultaneously.

Still the device is beautiful and I'm still not out of the 'honeymoon' phase - do still fancy an Android as a back up nd I'm considering trying to lay my hands on a HTC One M8 for a play.

Will update on my progress with the iPhone in subsequent posts.

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