Thursday, 11 December 2014

Bid for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (Black 32GB on 3) on eBay

I'm selling my 7 month old Note 3 to raise cash to replace it with an iPhone 6 Plus.

I put the auction up on eBay last week and there's now only two days to go. You can visit the auction at : Visit Ebay

The phone is in mint condition and comes in the original box with all the accessories (charger, unused earphones etc). I loved this phone and am only selling it for the change really and will probably end up back on Android in a few months when I get sick of the iPhone again.

In the meantime this would be a great gift, ideal as a second or replacement phone - really enjoyed using the Note and I will miss the multi screen feature and the stylus.

It's currently on '3' network but they will unlock for free as long as you have a PAYG sim in the phone - so essentially it is unlocked.

Please visit the auction and have a look - as I type I've had over 600 views and have 3 watchers but so far new bids - the auction starts at £ 200 (free postage) and on eBay/Amazon these are going for the £ 280 mark so given the condition it's possible you might get a decent bargain.

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