Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Please take the time to visit me on You Tube

I am going to try in 2015 to make more of my You Tube Channel and with this in mind could I ask you to visit and check out the videos there.

At the moment there are three videos on my Purely Medical Insurance channel.

1) From November 2014 covering off the basics of medical insurance in general - what it is and why you might need it. View the video

2) Again in the second video in November there is an overview of individual cover. How taking out medical insurance for you and your family might be of interest and what to look out for when choosing your cover. View the second clip

3) The most recent video, upload in December 2014 is a guide to medical insurance for small companies. Find out about group cover

As an independent FCA regulated healthcare intermediary I think that these videos will prove useful - if you would like any further information about new medical cover for yourself or your company please feel free to contact me via the blog or e-mail on I can also review existing plans and possibly save you some money or enhance your cover (or indeed both).

At the moment there have been around 80 views on these three videos. Moving forwards I will of course be adding more videos to this channel but I would like to really get the viewings up - so if you or anyone you know if interested in buying medical insurance please do not hesitate to pass on the above url's.

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