Friday, 5 December 2014

Early December round up

Welcome to the blog - here you'll find all things business, medical insurance with a bit of comics, SF and fantasy thrown in for good measure.

Today is my fortnightly 'social media' work day where I put aside a bit of time to catch up on the blog, twitter and also record new episode of my podcast on medical insurance : PMICast

I also record new editions of my video podcast 'Purely Medical Insurance' for my You Tube Channel.

You can find them as follows : PMICast : (also on iTunes, Stitcher etc)

This weeks episode of PMICast is the 61st and we're now settled into the two weekly recording schedule which makes everything a little less frenetic and rushed I think and as opposed to the weekly schedule gives me a chance to aim for better. more cogent content. This weeks covers a range of issues as usual for both purchasers of insurance and also introducers - I think it's the best PMICast I've ever done and is definitely worth a listen if you have chance.

Purely Medical Insurance :

The aim of the first few videos on this new channel is to offer fairly high level guides to key issues on medical insurance. So video one is a general guy to medical insurance, the second covers PMI for personal clients and the third I put up this morning ( is a guide for company paid medical insurance.

The last of my 'foundation' videos will be posted in a fortnight and will cover off my work with introducers - so watch out for that one.

As a general principle I think that in this day and age an on-line presence and use of social media effectively is absolutely vital - I regularly pick up clients and introducers on the back of twitter, the podcast and now the YT videos - so please subscribe, keep current and feedback if you want to chat about becoming a client, working with me or just want to interact.

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